Piezo actuated adaptive optics


The little workshop comprises a talk of 60 min and a lab tour. I will briefly introduce piezoelectric materials and typical actuator shapes but then move very fast to how they can be integrated into optical elements to make them adaptive. Afterwards, we will go to the lab and see different applications of piezos in optics and sound generation. I will prepare English slides and will decide upon the language depending of the attendees. All students can participate, basic knowledge in physics is sufficient.


Piezo actuators are used for many different purposes. They range from cheap sound generation (beeps and tones) through nanometer-precise positioning (Atomic Force Micrscopes) and ultrasound generation (medical imaging). We apply piezo actuators to make optical elements which are typically rigid structures, such as lenses and mirrors, smart and adaptive. In the talk, I will briefly introduce to piezoelectric material and its actuation mechanism, but then show easy-to-understand examples from optics. We will then go to the Laboratory for Microactuators and observe several devices in action.