Startup Funding

Short Description

You want to start with your own startup after your studies, but don’t have a plan how to finance it yet?


Startups develop new products. Products, for which there are no empirical values yet, therefore the bank falls out as an investor (they only want business models, which have proven themselves over the years – boring!).
For young entrepreneurs there are above all 3 attractive possibilities to finance themselves:

  • Public Money
  • Private Money (Venture Capital)
  • Crowd Funding

I will deal with all 3 possibilities and explain the advantages and disadvantages.


15 min Introduction
30 min Talk
15 min Discussion


Philipp George
Initiator of the Student Group Foundersclub Freiburg e.V.
Ambassador at the first student-run VC First Momentum
Member of the Student Entrepreneurship Ambassador Club, short SEAC e.V.

Location / Time

Wednesday, 31st of July
4 PM s.t.
Building 101 Room 00-010
Georges-Köhler-Allee 101