Presentations a la Hollywood

During my time as a student I had to endure many horrible presentations. In the worst-case scenario, the presenter was reading word for word off the slides. This is everything but engaging! You surely know what I am talking about.

But it does not have to be this way! Presentations can be something wonderful, something magical. The potential of presentations to inspire, change behavior and transform audiences is unparalleled in any other medium. It is my heartfelt desire and my mission to bring the fun and pleasure of presentations and of presenting back to students and dramatically shift the perspective on presentations towards the positive.

In this presentation I will show you how you can multiply your persuasive power in presentations by the hidden secrets of Hollywood Blockbusters so that you get nothing else but straight A’s for your presentations.

Furthermore we ask ourselves the question what the best TED-Talks have in common and what makes them so special. I will showcase, exemplarily, how these talks start off so that you can choose your best option for a powerful opening.

Last but not least, we have a look on the technical side of presentations: I show you how everyone can make dramtic improvements in their slide design with simple principles and only a little effort so that you can finally craft PowerPoint slides that tear your audience from the chairs!


  1. Get straight A’s by Hollywoodlike storytelling
  2. The secrets of the most successful TED-Talks
  3. PowerPoint-slides that tear your audience from the chairs!

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