Pandas for the uninitiated

Short description

Rapid introduction to Pythons powerful data analysis toolkit ‘Pandas’ geared towards beginners with basic Python 3 knowledge.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the basics of pandas using IMDB’s movie database. Rather than giving a theoretical introduction to the millions of features Pandas has, this tutorial follows a pragmatic approach. We will go through several examples, learning many of Pandas fundamental concepts. In exercise sessions the newly learned techniques will be solidified. An in-depth description of Pandas can be found at


A basic understanding of the Python 3 programming language is highly recommended (although not essential). You should be able to install Python modules and use the Ipython/Jupyter Notebook (a quick introduction is part of the tutorial, so you do not need to be an expert). Ideally, the following should be installed before attending the tutorial.

Alternatively you can manually install the following.

  • Python 3 (current version 3.6)
  • Modules: pandas, numpy, matplotlib
  • Ipython3 notebook or Jupyter notebook


Although I will speak german, the main language used is Python3. The slides are in english, however. Should the majority attending this course prefer english I will switch to speaking english.


Tim Schulte <>

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