Introduction to the Go Programming Language

Short Description

To course gives an introduction to the Go programming language. Go is a programming language developed at google and is famous for its easy way to handle concurrency. The target audience are people who are already familiar with at least one programming language and know that basics of programming. We will discuss programming structures (cases, loops, arrays / slices) and of course concurrency.

The slides can be found here.


Fabian Wenzelmann:


The course discusses the basics of Go, including:

  • Basic datatypes such as ints and strings
  • If / switches and loops
  • Definition of new types and interfaces
  • arrays and slices
  • Function definitions, including higher-order functions
  • Concurrency and goroutines
  • Introduction to important modules of the Go library
  • Webprogramming
  • Introduction in the Go tool / maintaining your own packages


The participants should be familiar with at least one other programming language and know that basics of programming. It is a good idea to already install Go (version >= 1.7). A guide can be found on the Go homepage. Also git should be installed. Of course I can help if something doesn’t work :).


I will provide slides and talk you through them. In between there are some exercises sessions where you can try Go for yourself. The exercises are not very complicated, they’re designed s.t. you get some experience with Go.

The course should be six hours long (two blocks with breaks).


The course will be held in English if required, otherwise German, so please let me know if you wish to hear the course in English.