Introduction to Encrypted Communication and Key Signing


Since a few years everyone knows that secret services, not only those from the US, but even German ones observe and evaluate communication. In this tutorial participants get an introduction into PGP/GPG and we help to install software on your computer to use encrypted communication without noticing it.


You don’t have to hide anything? Sure? So why don’t you sit naked in your lectures or why don’t you communicate using posters at the central station? An unencrypted email is nothing different than the posters at the train station. Everyone passing by can read and modify the contents. To anticipate that there are different methods of encryption. The most known one is PGP/GPG. The corresponding software is open source (therefore verifiable for everyone) and runs on every operating system.

We are going to show the participants how the software is set up so that one even doesn’t notice he is using encryption. All steps will be done and discussed together. The hardware (smartphone, notebook or desktop computer etc.) needs to be provided by each participant, so the software and keys can be set-up directly. Note: You may not hand your private key to anyone else as you would not buy a burglary-resistant door and put the door key just in front of it 😉

During the workshop we will also sign each other’s key to verify authenticity.

Language: The workshop, being more a tutorial, will be held in both, German and English, at the same time.

What to bring: All devices on which one want to communicate encrypted.