Programme 2018

Sommercampus 2018 will take place between July 23th and 27th. There will be a variety of courses and subjects offered during the course of the days, and an additional event  in the evening. These extra events will focus on interdisciplinary topics connected to computer science and engineering.

Some of the courses have a limit on the number of participants and therefore registration for the workshops is required. Please fill out this form to register, please fill out the form for every workshop you want to visit.

Workshop List and Rooms

The times and rooms of the Workshops can be found on this page. If for a workshop there is no English version try reading the German version.

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Interdisciplinary Events

  • not yet planned

The interdiciplinary events are all in Building 101 (Technische Fakultät) Room 00-026.


Link will be provided in due time.