Of polar bears and plastic bags

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What would a sustainable future look like? Are we heading into the right direction? Why would I care about some species in Madagascar? And how would you even quantify the environmental impacts of an apple? Max Koslowski, doctoral researcher at the department of sustainable systems engineering (INATECH), will give a crash-course on these and more topics, and invite for a discussion on various themes within the domain of sustainability, from micro to macro scale.

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Everyone talks about sustainability. E-mobility here, vegan diet there, not to speak of renewable energies and dying bees. But what is actually the root of all this fuss? Why should we care about such topics? And isn`t it too late already anyway to save the planet?

As one of the few truly interdisciplinary research fields, sustainability science connects biology with sociology, toxicology with politics, and climate science with engineering. The research directions within this vast field are numerous, and yet led by a few paradigms and key concepts. In this seminar, we shall shed light on the most important ones and get the scientific facts behind them straight. We will discuss the need for quantitative methods, current political strategies, our own responsibility in everyday life, and why everyone talks about 2°C.

Whether you have heard of industrial ecology, circular economy, the Paris agreement, and the UN sustainable development goals or not, doesn`t matter as long as you are curious and interested in a thought-provoking seminar.

The seminar will be held in English language and switch between presentation and discussion rounds.

Temporal structure

2-3 hours including breaks (duration dependent on number of participants); the workshop switches between presentation and discussion rounds


The presentation can be accessed via GoogleDrive and is not to be used without permission: