Movie AlphaGo & Discussion: AI and Society

With more possible board configurations than there are atoms in the universe,  the game of Go is one of the greatest challenges for artificial intelligence. In March 2016, one of the world’s best go players, Lee Sedol, was defeated by the computer program AlphaGo.This evening event sheds some light on this success and discusses the influence of artificial intelligence on the society.

Dr. Marius Lindauer

To get a feeling for the complexity of the game, Dr. Marius Lindauer, former vice-president of the German Go Union, will give an introduction to Go at 6 p.m., board games will be provided. (Please fill the non-binding registration to ease the estimation of required boards).

At 7 p.m., we will screen the movie AlphaGo, a 90-minute documentary about the legendary victory  of the machine learning based computer program AlphaGo by Google Deepmind over Lee Sedol.

Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter will give a short motivational speech about consequences of machine learning on the society. Afterwards, there will be the possibility to discuss this topic over a few drinks.

Date: 23rd of July 2018, starting 6 p.m.

Place: Building 82, Room 00 006, (Kinohörsaal).