Microsystems Bilinguals: Applying Machine learning for Microsystems applications

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We are living in a rapidly changing world. The advances in computation, automation, and Machine learning is transforming the ways we used to work. These novel toolboxes are already being implemented to recommend you everything from food to probable next partner, to be your personal assistant, tour guide, translator, etc. and soon will be the brains in our transportation system. The applications of these technologies are so widespread that the ones who fail to adapt to it will eventually fall behind in this race of technologies. This talk is primarily focused to inspire the current generation of microsystems/embedded engineers to adopt this new toolbox and solve the problems which couldn’t be solved by our conventional toolboxes. Secondly, this talk also provides a possible pathway for fellows from computer science to find new applications of their technologies. Lastly, the talk might also be interesting for fellows from other backgrounds like material science, biomedical engineering, etc. The talk will be a collection of examples showing how research groups around the globe are doing the same.

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Two hour talk