App Inventor


This event has been cancelled.

Create an app with the MIT programming environment “App Inventor” with a focus on information learning.

Blocks-based coding programs inspire intellectual and creative empowerment. MIT App Inventor goes beyond this to provide real empowerment for kids to make a difference — a way to achieve social impact of immeasurable value to their communities. In fact, App Inventors in school and outside of traditional educational settings have come together and done just that:

A tenth-grader from Chennai, India has created several important apps, including one to help coordinate relief efforts following flooding in the area, another to allow parents to track students on buses that have otherwise unreliable schedules, and a third that aims to help reduce the cost and complexity of vehicle fleet maintenance.

A group of high-school girls in Lagos, Nigeria created an app to help traffic police catch offenders. They were cited as prime examples of young entrepreneurship and honored at a reception hosted in Brussels by Nigeria’s first lady.