The Sommercampus is an event that takes place at the Faculty of Engineering of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. During the first week of the semester break different workshops are offered by students, staff members, professors and other people. Currently the Fachschaft of the Faculty of Engineering is hosting this event.

The Sommercampus was awarded with the Landeslehrpreis (teaching award of Baden-Württemberg) in 2006. The Fachschaft did not invent this event – much to our dismay, there has been not a single Sommercampus in the recent years. So we decided to start the Sommercampus again in 2017. 2018 will be the second time, we as Fachschaft hold the Sommercampus. We kindly invite everyone interested!

We’re looking forward for many courses (submit your own course here) and much participation. You can also contact the Fachschaft if you’re interested in helping us with the organization.


The Sommercampus is organized by the Fachschaft TF, we are happy about donations via the following bank account:

RecipientFreundInnen des Fachbereichs Technische Fakultät e.V.
IBANDE17 6809 0000 0039 5891 09
InstituteVolksbank Freiburg e.G.

We’re a nonprofit organization and allowed to issue donation receipts.

You can also donate via PayPal.