Vorträge im Rahmen des Haskell Hackathons HacFreiburg2017

Im Rahmen des Haskell Hackathons HacFreiburg2017 wird es auch Talks und Veranstaltungen geben zu denen alle herzlichst eingeladen sind!

Der Haskell Hackathon selbst findet in Gebäude 82 an der TF statt, die Vorträge in Gebäude 101 in Raum 00-026.

Mike Sperber: “(Un)teachable Haskell Moments”

Freitag 15 – 16 Uhr.

Haskellers write great code – elegant, intricate, composable. But how did we learn to do this? And, by extension, how should we teach others how to do the same? These are not just questions of didactics, as library design (and language design!) has a significant impact on teachability. If these issues are important to do, it helps to view the language and the code with the view of an outsider. What is elegant and natural to us, might seem unattainable to others and thus make Haskell’s power baffling and unapproachable. The talk will provide an outsider’s view on a small but realistic project, highlight the pitfalls dealing with Haskell on the project, and hopefully stimulate discussion.

Mathieu Boespflug: “Low-latency high-throughput Haskell”

Samstag 10 – 11 Uhr.

Haskell has had a number of successes from its original use cases (writing compilers, DSL’s, static analysis, …) to more recent ones (web services, rule execution engines, modelling, …). It turns out Haskell can also be turned into a very capable systems language, where consistent latency, precise resource management and high throughput are the names of the game. We’ll look in more detail at a few challenges along the way to making Haskell a great systems language, and tell you how we used to build massive scale storage systems with it.

David Luposchainsky: “Haskell QA“

Sonntag 10 – 11 Uhr.

Live Session explaining test frameworks and setup, benchmarking, generating and validating documentation.

Project Demos

Sonntag 15 – 16 Uhr.


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